“Kun kukissa on niin ihana tuoksukin, se tuntuu hyvältä. Kukat maljakoissa on niin ihania, ettei niitä raaski heittää pois. Onneksi ne usein kestää kauan hyvinä.” — Kirsti, 69 vuotta

“When flowers are so wonderful, even the scent, it feels good. In the vases, the flowers are so lovely that they…

Coming to central Helsinki in February … a 30 square meter art installation created entirely from fresh, rescued* flowers and greens.

Can you picture it?

Photo by Essi Orpana

On 15 February 2021, the Flowers Against Loneliness project (FAL, for short) will take shape in the central event space in Kamppi Helsinki.

FAL is…

Photo by Grana Mardjani

FloweRescue is a community nonprofit organization with a mission to address and spark dialogue about the issue of flower waste; and to connect people through the beauty and joy of flowers.

FloweRescue harnesses surplus flowers from wholesalers and florists, repurposes them into beautiful bouquets, and donates them along to people…

FloweRescue's model is simple: take surplus (waste) flowers — from wholesalers, florists and event organizers — and donate them along to people who might not otherwise have access to flowers: people in hospitals, elderly homes and other isolated situations.

But inquiring minds want to know, exactly from where and how…

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